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Many public and private employers in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan region are required to perform fingerprint based background checks on new hires and individuals obtaining professional licenses through the Ohio Webcheck service.

SafeGuard Background Screening is an Ohio Webcheck agency and processes fingerprint based background screening in Cleveland, Ohio through the Ohio Attorney General's Office's Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) and the FBI (also called "webcheck"). Fingerprints are compared against a criminal fingerprints database to determine if there is a criminal record. SafeGuard Background Screening's systems utilize hardware and software approved for the Ohio Webcheck program by the State of Ohio Attorney General's office.

Fast, Easy, Confidential.

Fingerprinting is conducted by appointment at our offices in Cleveland, Ohio.

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm.
Tel: 1-877-700-7345 #1 (Sales).
The entire session lasts approximately 15 minutes.


SafeGuard Background Screening, LLC
4780 Hinckley Industrial Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

What do I bring?

Valid Ohio Drivers License (or government issued photo ID).

How much does it cost?

Ohio Webcheck BCI Screen:  $32.00
Ohio Webcheck FBI Screen:  $34.00
Ohio Webcheck FBI & BCI:    $61.00
Ink Rolled Fingerprint Service: $72.00

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